At a recent meeting I attended the word ‘innovation’ was bandied about a lot and I sat, as I always do thinking what IS innovation?

Does anyone really know?

Those who know me will tell you that I have spent a great many years working in the highly competitive charity market trying to package day to day activities into ‘Innovative projects’ – that being the only thing a Trust would fund. It made me realise just how ridiculous that word could be; how overused and misunderstood it really is.
Where is she going with this I hear you say?

Products and services are always new and feel ‘innovative’ if it is the first time you have made or delivered them. They are exciting and fresh to YOU, even if others have already done it before. Imagine the first time you got on a swing as a child. How did that feel; exciting, frightening, new? What about when you first started your business; how did that feel? Yep – you see where I am going?

It is not about the product or service, it is how the product or service makes you feel that is the key to marketing today. This is not new. You have known this for years – look at any old advert that appeals to you – it is all about what you perceive it will do for you that makes it attractive.

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to sit down and have a good long think about your product or service and try to remember the excitement you first felt when you conceived it (or the idea of it), why did you like it? What made it exciting? I guarantee if you get just a little of that buzz into your mind when you are telling someone about your product or service you will infect them a little with it too – try it and see – you have nothing to lose!