Digital and mobile marketing, should not be standalone, but in today’s world they are a vital component to the marketing mix.

50% of all searches are carried out on a mobile device now. This will only increase.

When it comes to looking at Google devices for internet searcheshow that is going to trend in the future you don’t have to look much further than recent research by Google on what devices people are using (see graph).

This makes it more important than ever to not only engage with digital media but to make sure your website is thoroughly mobile compatible and that it resizes to fit mobile device screens.




It still amazes us that anyone has a website that doesn’t do this. Why would you want to reduce your chances of success by 40%? And how many of you have received very prettily designed emails that are impossible to read on your phone?

If you would like to look at how you can improve your digital marketing please get in touch. It is a dynamic world and this marketing channel changes almost daily; it is our job to keep you on top of it and making the most of the opportunities offered.


Email marketing

Sample of across platform email marketing campaign