There are not many things that really make me cringe but readership figures sit firmly under this heading.

I worked in advertising for a good many years and nothing has changed; people are still quoting readership figures as if they are the only important thing a person has to know in order to buy an advertisement – same goes for listeners!

The response from me is always the same – it is not the number that matters; it is the quality and demographics that count. One million reader/listeners of the wrong type will not generate one single response worth having so no matter how you break it down – it is not ‘cheap’ let alone cost effective.

Please people, if you want to sell me or my clients anything, be realistic, give me solid information about your readership type, circulation areas and print numbers so I can make a proper judgement call. If in doubt – I don’t, and that is the advice I give to all my clients.

Nothing like a reformed rep to cause difficulties – sorry guys! Rant over!!