Facebook arrives for White Knight!

//Facebook arrives for White Knight!
The White Knight

The White Knight

Today I am finally practicing what I preach! Or maybe I am not…

I have mixed feelings about facebook pages for business. I think they are absolutely brilliant for certain types of companies; but I don’t believe they are right for all – I am still to be convinced of the return against any type of investment for some, especially if you don’t have someone in-house who can handle it with ease. Over the years we have seen a great many very public mistakes by companies using facebook. We have seen comments by disgruntled customers handled badly and some very interesting incites by ex employees into the company’s ethics.

So why am I taking the plunge now?

Recently I came across a company whose website was not as professional as it may have been but they saved themselves with a link to a fantastic facebook page. This page allowed me to understand the company better and I began to fully understand the power of facebook as a marketing tool – I know, I know! There will be many shouting out right now wondering how on earth I could have missed this – well I didn’t! I still believe a great website is the way to go BUT even I have to admit there are times when facebook can fill in the personal side and reach out to a different need – and this is where I believe the value lies. Their website could have done the same for them but they didn’t know how to do it – they are part of the facebook generation – they think ‘facebook’!

Another area where I have seen it work beautifully recently is in the creative arts industry. Facebook is ideal for this area and more and more artists are coming to recognise this – the feedback they get is instantaneous – how wonderful to get all that encouragement. Artists ARE selling on facebook now; facebook has turned a page for me. It is no longer only a relationship tool – it is another potential outlet for business – a new shop front.

So here I am laying out my wares and hoping to interact with people who have something to say about my type of work. I will pop up ideas and bounce them around and most of all LISTEN to the feedback. But, guess what? I will driving traffic to my page with good common sense marketing….. https://www.facebook.com/WhiteKnightMarketingLtd

Come and have a chat with me there!

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