The White Knight

The White Knight

Have you ever wondered why your marketing isn’t working the way it should?

You have told them all about what you do, you have explained in great depth how good your service is, your **elevator pitch has been well executed and your brochure looks very professional – why then is no one buying?

If this is you, I want to ask you to do one little thing…….. start thinking about what you can do for your prospective customer.

The thing is…I bet you have described perfectly your service/product and they already know what it is BUT they don’t know why they should want it. The harsh fact is, it’s not about you… it’s about them.

When you are selling your business it is important to remember that your business is not actually important to the person in front of you – it is what your business can do for them that’s important.

This may sound very obvious but with that in mind I challenge you to take a fresh look at your literature, your elevator pitch, your facebook page, your website and count how many times you say ‘we’ or ‘I’ instead of ‘you’ and I expect you will be surprised! And we are all guilty of it

[*she quickly pulls up her website and starts editing*]! It is so hard to distance yourself when someone says to you “what do you do?” – of course you go headfirst into the spiel and tell them, don’t you?

Well STOP now –  it is not about ‘what you do’, but how ‘what you do’ can work for them.

When preparing your marketing material and your pitches, take off your company hat and put on your customer’s, re read it and think “what’s in it for me as a customer?” Write that in and hey presto you will find a dramatic change in how people respond.

** Elevator pitch – something on my personal most hated list. It is the classic example of ‘what I do’ versus ‘what I can do for you’ approach to doing business.