White Knight gets new branding

//White Knight gets new branding

We feel all grown up here at White Knight!


White Knight Marketing's new logo


Like all relatively new businesses (we have been going for 15 successful months now), it takes time to get a feel for your company; the evolution is a fascinating process!

I have deliberately held off on heavy branding until now as I wanted it to be right and not to have to go through it time and again.

I wanted a clever logo which spoke of service rather than just me and my name and I think I have got it! The White Knight now has an image!

Paul Elliot Smith from Word Gets Around was set the challenge and I think he has risen to the occasion! I have known Paul since he started WGA and he really knows what White Knight is about and how I work so I felt confident he would capture the right feel for me; a difficult task, as I gave him such a hard brief. I said nothing to do with Knights in shining armour and shields – and what do I get?

Yes, exactly!

A few persuasive phone calls later and I caved in with a couple of provisos – that it didn’t look old world Gothic and had a contemporary feel. What do you think? Have we got it right?

PS – My new Avatar….. 🙂

The White Knight

The White Knight

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