Design and Copy

//Design and Copy

Design and Copy working together

When you are pulling a piece of literature together, a website, social media platform or video, cohesive branding is a must.

Graphically it is important to stand out and portray your business in the right light. On websites bad navigation can still render the most attractive sites useless if the flow is wrong. A poster with a messy design won’t sell your event or product, a badly designed flyer will find its way to the bin, no matter how clever the headline. At White Knight we project manager your literature, website, social media, blogs, videos etc so you have cohesive design and copy. Consistency of quality and on-target messaging are vital in today’s multi-faceted markets.

Whiteboard Videos, Websites, Press Releases, Leaflets, Blogs, Social Media Posts, e-marketing and Advertising..whatever you need – White Knight can deliver.

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