This service is no longer supported – the Government cancelled the support in 2015.

Since the launch of the Government’s Growth Vouchers programme,  offering subsidised support to small business, over 1,400 businesses have applied for a voucher with 598 vouchers allocated worth over £1 million!


I got involved in this scheme when I realised it was a way to help businesses that wanted to use White Knight’s services to look at how they could market, build and retain their customers. So many of the companies I work with ask for strategic insight as they have become too close to their business and can no longer see a clear path forward. It is often very difficult if you are dealing with day-to-day grind, to move yourself into a space that allows for objective thinking.

The Growth Voucher scheme offers  small businesses an opportunity to apply for up to £2,000 worth of support. If the business meets the criteria they are put forward and then companies/businesses (you can be sole traders as well as limited companies) are randomly selected to receive a voucher which they match with their own money. This is spent on one of five categories of advice and it demonstrates how much need there is for marketing when you realise the split in allocation to date is:

  • 46% Marketing, attracting and keeping customers
  • 15% Raising finance and managing cash flow
  • 13% Improving leadership and management skills
  • 5% Recruiting and developing your staff
  • 21% Making the most of digital technology

Once you have your voucher, you are able to pick from a number of accredited advisers listed on the Enterprise Nation marketplace website to find a supplier suited to your needs. There are many advisers listed but you can only spend your voucher with those that have full accreditation – and White Knight is very proud to be amongst those.

White Knight Marketing's listing on Enterprise Nation - find us there!

White Knight Marketing’s listing on Enterprise Nation – find us there!

 To receive accreditation to deliver the service the accredited companies must have:

1. Certain level of membership of a Professional Body – (I am a Fellow of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing)

2. Three years experience of working in, or advising, small businesses

3. Professional indemnity insurance

If you think that applying for a voucher may be a great thing for your business, in any of the 5 areas offered,  you can do so here. Good luck!