Well that is that then – no place to hide if your website isn’t mobile friendly!


Who says?

None other than the mighty search engine Google.


Mobile Friendly labelling in GoogleI don’t normally say I told you so – BUT – ‘I told you so’ – or at least I have said it for the last year to anyone who would listen!

Google has finally taken the discussion to the next level and taken the choice out of your hands. If you search for a site on your mobile (and 40% of us do now) you will be greeted with a new ranking ‘MOBILE FRIENDLY’, and if your site isn’t just that, then it will be pushed down the search and shamed with its lack of the two word accolade; that is if it even appears at all for your favourite key words search (the one you know you will come top with!).


So what does this really mean for your business?

I mentioned that 40% of all searches now carried out via Goggle are on mobile devices. According to Google’s latest update, this means that if your site is non compliant and will not resize to be a readable and navigable site fit for mobile use, it will not appear in the listing. Google wants searches to satisfy customer’s needs and this is one way they believe they can do this. And let’s face it, we have all played the silly game of scrolling across the screen trying to read a line or click a link, and I would take a bet that most of us have given up and found a better site.


What makes a site Mobile Friendly?

There are several criteria that have to be met before a site is recognised as mobile friendly:

  1. Font  – it needs to resize to be readable on your phone or tablet, and it needs to clear so choice is important.
  2. The layout needs be what is termed ‘optimised’ which in layman’s terms means it needs to change for viewing on a mobile device. Which leads to the third which is:
  3. Navigation. You will be hard pushed to use a phone to navigate around a web-only based site. Mobile sites usually take the menu as a scroller rather than at the top of a menu bar and it is quite acceptable to have the various elements of your website viewed as a scroll down page so you can read it and use the links easily. And, finally,
  4. Software compatibility. Don’t forget when commissioning your site, if you want to meet the mobile friendly tag, Flash and other software like it is out; it can’t be read by the current software used on mobile devices.


So, if your site is not ready to be viewed on a phone or tablet, now is the time to do something about it. There are plenty of options available to you that do not require two sites as they used to – so no doubling of costs or two sites to update any more.

At White Knight, we have been involved in commissioning or building plenty of websites for our clients in the past 3 years, every one of them has been mobile compliant – why would you risk losing 40% of your potential business by not doing this?

As we leave you rushing to check your website on your mobile phone and tablet – if it is the thought of writing a whole new website that is putting you off sorting out an obvious problem – speak to us – it is one of our specialities!


PS No matter how complex or simple your site is – we know we can help you! 🙂

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