Copywriting in all shapes and form are a speciality of White Knight Marketing. It is a speciality that we get called on for a lot. The type of copy we produce depends very much on what it is we are writing for. This may include:

Website Copy

Harrisons of Somerset websiteCopywriting for this media needs to be rich in the right key words to attract your customers but easy enough to read. The copy needs to reflect your company personality whilst working well with SEO needs; there is no point in writing something that won’t be picked up by the search engines!

We work with many of the web designers in Taunton to write the copy and formulate the structure of the website. Many people feel almost paralysed by the idea that their words will go on show to the world and they forget how to describe their business in its best light. We can do this and make you look and sound good!




Confident Orthodontists blogYou would be very surprised just who we are behind the scenes!

When you read a Blog it really has to feel personal, the article needs to have a certain feel to it. It needs to inform or amuse. It needs to have a style that you would expect from that industry and have authority.

When preparing to write a Blog for a client, we research the subject well and then turn the topic into their style.





Taunton Forwards newsOur companies often have to produce articles for magazines and we take the pain out of this by writing it for them! The style of the magazine or paper is taken into account and the type of content it likes to feature – and we give it to them!




Press Releases

Vision South West press releases

If you can make something newsworthy a press release really is worth submitting. At White Knight we will take your suggested news story and turn it into a release that can be printed, tweeted, facebooked and sent out wherever you need it!