Is it just me, or do those of us who specialise in certain professions forget to practice what we preach when it comes to our own companies? 


I update my clients’ content on their websites, their social media and their e-newsletters monthly. I nag and nag them to give me something I can send out, show me their skills so I can sing about them online – give me material so I can bring clients to them. I know this is vital if they are to get noticed today. I tweak and fiddle with their websites, squeezing every ounce of juice out of them to feed the very hungry search engines and analyze and reanalyze the results so I can get the best results, So, imagine my surprise when I realised it was February when I wrote the last blog on our website! February!!

If you know me, you will know I am not short of things to say, I have an opinion that I am happy to share and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, so how did that happen?

Simple! I forgot! Not only that, but I forgot how important it was for me to practice what I preach!

Now, don’t get me wrong my business hasn’t fallen flat on its face (yet), because I have been practicing what I preach for the last 3 and a half years. So, I am still getting healthy new enquiries and cherishing our existing clients BUT, and it is a big BUT –  how long would it have taken me before I noticed, whilst my head was buried in the work of today? When would I have looked up and realised that the calls were easing off? It’s not as if I don’t see this happening everyday in companies that have taken their foot of the peddle because they got too busy for a short while, or simply forgot!

What has that done to my business so far?

  1. I still tweet a lot – so I get a lot of tweets back and retweeted – result! That even still drives traffic to my website and picks up new people interested in what I have to say.
  2. My facebook page is fast becoming a desert with tumbleweed threatening
  3. I am not getting the fun emails that used to make me laugh, pick me up and provoke thought after I posted something out via my monthly marketing tip
  4. My network is still strong, but it is important to feed it
  5. I am decreasing my reach slowly as my inbound marketing slides – UNWISE!

Why I noticed I had let things slip…

We have had a busy few months with a lot of activity under the belt with some very big projects, and I realised that I stopped telling people about the successes. Not good. I noticed this because we hadn’t updated our ‘recent work’ section on our website, which I only looked at as I was complaining to a client about the very same thing on their site recently. So, towards the tail end of this week we have been adding stuff and will add more next week and we will begin showcasing our work and sharing with the world what White Knight can achieve for them again. It’s not rocket science!

The reason I am so re-motivated is because of the response we got as soon as I started again – it reaffirmed everything I knew – people have come out of the woodwork, they have commented on the things we have achieved; they have noticed that we are here; we are getting encouragement from our networks and associations – as I said, I knew this – because it happens when I do it for my clients! We have begun practicing what we preach again. We have been doing the things we do for others, and you know what? It feels good!

Moral of the story – we ALL need reminding to work on our business and not just in it sometimes- even us so called ‘experts’!

Happy marketing everyone and I hope to cross paths with you again soon 🙂

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