White Knight Marketing have worked with the Wilkins Safety Group for the last two years, managing their weekly e-newsletter, social media, website content management and more recently, helping them to fill their training events. The company have some very high profile contracts including the National Trust and NHS.

When we first started working with Jon Wilkins his website was full of fantastic content, but all in .pdf format which meant that the search engines were not picking up just how good it was simply because they couldn’t read it. He had a static website which could only be updated by the developer and he was putting in a lot of effort, which was going to waste as far as SEO and recognition was concerned. The site was also not mobile responsive and as 40% of all first searches are made via a mobile device nowadays, this effectively meant potential lost business.

A prolific writer, Jon produced a weekly newsletter for his clients, which he saved as a .pdf and emailed out to them. The problem with this was that he didn’t know who was actually opening them and what they were reading, so couldn’t build on this knowledge with his clients and prospects. To solve this issue, we put his emails into Mailchimp, an email management programme created by Google for the purpose of gathering information and knowledge about who is reading, sharing, clicking through and generally reacting to your communications. Immediately we could see who was opening them and when, but we still couldn’t see what they were interested in as the website could only house the newsletter posted in a .pdf format; it was time to change the website!

Somerset Web Services were successful in winning the contract and Wilkins Safety’s massive website was rebuilt in WordPress, the leaflets were converted into webpages that the search engines could read and the newsletter was posted up in blog format so we could see what articles and updates people were responding to. We also added e-commerce capability so we could sell training online and linked it with the various social media channels we had built for them.

Some of Wilkins Safety Group’s potential clients are quite hard to reach using purely digital marketing so recently, when we wanted to get to the smaller builders, we reverted back to good old fashioned snail mail (almost!). We gathered the database of prospects together and created a letter and a flyer which we then send out using Docmail, a web-based distribution site, which printed the letters and flyers, stuffed them in envelopes and sent them out for much cheaper that we could have done in house. The result of this direct mail campaign was to flush out builders who required specific training to meet new legislation, which Wilkins Safety Group were delivering, and which the companies could book online via the website.

So, we have been able to drive traffic to the website using a variety of methods, including email marketing, social media advertising and posts and direct mail and as Jon says,

” It is all going in the right direction!

White Knight are Wilkins Safety Group’s virtual marketing department and feel very much a part of the team!”