Every now and then I am reminded of my 12 years in the third sector and charity fundraising; they were good if challenging times.

Just recently I was approached by the developer of a brand new and really social App to assist with marketing the product. As he explained the concept, I was suddenly catapulted back into my fundraising days, when my daily battle to reach out to potential supporters in a cost effective way rocketed to the front of my mind. I realised that what was being described to me was a perfect tool to engage, promote, excite and bring together supporters in a controlled and completely social way and it was called a Koosh!

Imagine holding an event and inviting all your participants to take a couple of pictures of their experience and then being able to merge them into one easy video. Imagine how powerful that video could be, not only as a lasting memory of that occasion but as a promotional tool for the next event and a thank you to everyone that entered?

It is a fundraiser’s dream – and you can control content and imagery as the editor of the Koosh – so your brand is safe!

The best bit is that it is free to download and with the charity inviting the participants to download the App prior to the event, you can then use Koosh Air to invite everyone within a certain distance attending the event, and who has downloaded the App, to participate. They then decide which photos or videos they want to send to you (you stipulate the number) and the content streams in. With one click, it can be posted onto social media sites or embedded into your website and emails!

Am I waxing lyrically? Yes I am!

In the charity world we sometimes have to find new and currently inspiring ways to engage with our supporters; and often in a cash strapped environment where every penny has to be accounted for.

Social media has been a revolution for many charities but so often when I am asked to help review their fundraising communications, I see all too often that the charity is still not really engaging with supporters – they are still speaking AT THEM, not WITH THEM; this is not today’s way. Broadcasting isn’t inclusive and doesn’t build loyalty. In our bite-sized world of today where communications come thick and fast, how exciting is it to be invited to be part of this in a way that means you have a value?

Will I be recommending Koosh to my charity clients? It’s a bit of a no brainer…