As a marketing company we come across many companies whose websites are simply, not working for them. They have sometimes spent a lot of their own time trying to build a site or they have used a templated platform such as Weebly, Wix or Vistaprint. The initial website build seems cheap until they realise that to achieve anything they need to buy the Add-ons, typically the SEO module is first and they have to pay to have advertising removed.

Before they know it they are paying quite a bit per month, with no direct support, relying on forums and emails to the hosting company’s support team who are usually based overseas in a different time zone. Many hours can be eaten up this way and whilst they are doing this, they are not actively growing their business!

Every problem has a solution and ours was to seek out and find a developer who would be prepared to work in close collaboration with us in helping companies in this position. These companies don’t need a huge website to begin with; they need one that can grow with them.

White Knight has teamed up with Somerset Web Services to deliver this unique collaboration – at an amazing price!

The amazing new offer we have created is *cue drum roll*…. Weblite Websites!

Just £400 plus VAT to have the support of a marketing professional in creating your copy and the technological support of an experienced web developer to create the site you need! Want to know more?