Website Audits

Have you ever wondered why your website doesn’t perform as well as others seem to?

We have lost track of how many businesses come to us saying that their website isn’t doing what it should do for them – what can they do?

They have had a new site built, it is usually mobile friendly, it often looks attractive and they have spent ages worrying about the copy.

So, what isn’t working?

The plain fact is that there are so many requirements needed for a good website to perform well, both technically and aesthetically. Whilst you can decide for yourself if a site looks good, the functionality is harder to see at a glance.

Many companies we first speak with haven’t even looked at some of the obvious reasons why their sites aren’t ranking; they are blissfully unaware that they haven’t got their Google and Bing analytics set up correctly, they haven’t got an XML sitemap to help the search engines index the pages on their site. Many haven’t written copy that meets basic SEO requirements, their graphics are too large and slow loading, the server their website is sitting on is too slow, none of their pictures have Alt Text so the search engines can’t read them, they have broken links and their redirects are not set up correctly…. and the list goes on! This is all hidden beneath the surface of your website and can be sabotaging your ranking.

Whose fault is this?

Good question! A good website developer should have covered a lot of this off but unfortunately, as with all businesses, there are good and bad developers and you won’t necessarily know how well your site has been built until after the fact. And there are those that have just missed something on their ‘go live’ checklist – it is not always intended.

Some developers include a level of optimisation in their building of the site – many have quoted such low rates that this is not possible for them to do and earn a living out of it!

If you would like to know the truth about your website’s ability to meet the growing requirements needed to rank in the search engines, give us a call and ask for a website audit.

And, if you really want the inside edge* – tell us who your competitors are and what keywords you wish to rank on and we’ll tell you just how well you are doing against them  – we can even tell you where your competition ranks and their visibility in the search engines!


Ask for your FREE Website Audit today

Find out how your website is doing – what is good about it and what needs work.

A site audit is FREE and if you find you need some help, we can drill down into more detail for you.

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We have noticed a significant increase in enquiries from our website since Pam and her team offered their expertise and made some improvements for us. Pam has also run some very successful targeted e-marketing campaigns and given us the tools to continue with these ourselves.

Nabeeh Marar, Marlborough House Therapy Centre

What you would get with a *RANKING REPORT …

*This report is more in-depth and carries a £50 set-up fee. Once set up and ran results can be reviewed monthly and progress targeted and tracked.

  • A list of your keywords and where you rank for them today

  • Where your two main competitors rank for those same keywords

  • See how those words rank in the 3 main search engines (including local search results)

  • Potential for month on month monitoring of progress

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