Mobilegeddon 2018 style promises to be another shake up year for your website.

Two years ago, a lot of websites weren’t even visible on our phones and tablets and Google took the decision to force reluctant businesses to make their sites compliant. The price of resistance was to find your company site virtually invisible to the rest of the world, and branded NOT MOBILE FRIENDLY – Mobilegeddon 2015 style!

So what is going to happen in 2018 that will be catastrophic for some business websites this time?

Currently all websites are ranked by the desktop version you see when you visit them from your PC, and whilst Google was keen that everyone adopt a mobile friendly approach, there was no real need to optimise the site too much beyond visually.

All that is about to change!

Google has gone on record as saying that sometime in 2018 they will change their ranking criteria, judging your website on the mobile version. This means that page speed is going to be crucial. How long your website takes to load on a mobile, will be everything.

What you need to do

Now is the time to be speaking to your web developer ensuring that you are doing everything you can to get the page speed up and images properly optimised i.e. not too big or too many. Check that they are doing everything they need to be doing server side to support you (sadly the cheaper the hosting package, the less likely this is). Making sure that your website is not suffering from ‘code bloat’ where you have extra coding written into the site, which you don’t need that is trying to load every time.  At White Knight we no longer recommend sliders on the home page, after all how many times do you sit around to wait for the next one to scroll across? Not often I bet! They also slow down the page loading time. There are techniques you can use to ensure that your website loads in the correct way and a good developer will work with you to get your site working efficiently. It will take a bit of investment but would you really want to lose the ranking you have gained with your website over the years because you haven’t taken this seriously enough?

This will help you find out how your website is performing and … at least you now have an indication of the work ahead!

Test your page speed now!

Need a little hand holding?

This is going to be yet another game changer for a lot of websites; the important thing is to make sure that you are one of the winners who prepared themselves!
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