Mobile friendly SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is changing yet again. Just when we think we have it nailed and we have all learned the mantra “content is king” it’s time to rethink it!

Content is still hugely important but it’s not the only thing needed now. With the forthcoming advent of another Mobilegeddon on the way in 2018, business websites will not only need great, informative content, they will also need to be fast loading on a mobile device.

In 2015, the first ‘Mobilegeddon’ took place with Google forcing us to conform to mobile responsiveness and in 2018, the huge search giant is flexing its muscles again as it revs up to rank websites on a mobile first basis; currently our web sites are judged on the desktop version of our site, this is all set to change. From 2018 we will have to rethink how we lay out our websites, how good the mobile navigation is, how fast the pages loads, how good a server we are hosted on, just for a start.

Last year Google did us a huge favour when it started returning local searches above the nationals – so if you are based in Taunton, and the search is being made by someone in Taunton, you now come up higher in the results. When Google asks you for your location it is activating that option for you. Big brother is truly watching!

So, the truth is, that optimising a website has never before been such a team effort.  It now takes the people writing the content and posting blogs to work alongside the designer and the backend web site developer, as part of a team, to make sure that the site is optimised correctly. Optimisation requirements are ever evolving and this is just the next challenge.  Bring on Voice Search – a whole new ball game!

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