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We are all going to get used to speaking on the phone again thanks to Covid-19 but what if you need a meeting of 3 or more people?

At White Knight Marketing, we are very used to hosting virtual meetings & training sessions. We can still see our clients, and they can see us, we can share our screens and talk them through reports, training and interact with them and we can have a planning meeting, just as we would if we were sitting right next to them. We have been doing this for years and our clients love it. We love it because there is no wasted travelling time and it helps us meet our green credentials. Our clients love it for much the same reasons; we can talk them through things in real-time, go from a call to a video call in seconds if it is needed. We can record the session if we are making a plan, demonstrating how to do something, or simply just need a record to jog our memories.

In truth, this is one of the reasons we are so good at remote working. Our staff don’t have to be sat in an office. Any laptop or smartphone will do!

So, alongside every other business in this country, we made plans for working from home –  and our conclusion was that no change is needed! We are already set up with time management software, communications and file sharing. Yes, we will miss the company but we won’t feel alone or out on a limb. We have a plan; can support one another and our clients. Short of holographically beaming into their businesses, we think we have the next best thing!

This morning I was on the support desk whilst making changes to a website and I knew they were based in the Ukraine… they too are all working from home now and on a national quarantine, feeling just as vulnerable and uncertain as well all do.

If you are struggling to find the right software that will help you achieve home working  – drop us a line. We can share what we have found works for us… we are all in this together and sharing anything other than the Coronavirus must only be a good thing!

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