What do we do?

White Knight Marketing not only works strategically with companies to give advice (and yes, too much goes for free sometimes!) but we also have a marketing services offering.

Write and Design 2014This includes managing social media, websites etc, It also includes booking adverts, overseeing design, arranging marketing materials of all kinds, working with web designers – and I do have good contacts for all these things.

Copy writing and blogs are everyday for us; you would be surprised to know which ones we write and whose websites have started with our copy and framework!

As I write this page for instance we are managing an event, writing press releases – arranging a reader offer in a magazine, have arranged to write an article for a newspaper and within a local magazine for two different clients..sent out a client’s e-newsletter, advised on internal marketing of a franchise and are currently working our way through a client’s website to sort out their SEO, all that probably explains why the day has been wonderfully manic!

We regular filter advertising and promotional opportunities for clients, partly to protect them, partly so they get the best deals and partly to keep campaigns on track and prevent distractions. Integrated marketing is very important today and that is what we offer. Many companies struggle to tie in all the strands and end up using too much of their own valuable time on things they are trying to get to grips with. They really know that common sense dictates they should do the things that they are good at, and that will progress their business, and delegate the rest!

Next time you ask yourself ‘how’ or ‘who’ in relation to marketing – think of us! We know the answers to the ‘how’ and ‘who’ questions!