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Introducing bytesize!

Bytesize workshops

Fitting new knowledge into our overstuffed business brains during the working day is always a challenge!

Keeping up with ever changing technological trials that are inhibiting company growth is something we all have to face. Many companies will just sub the work out and we are grateful that they do, as we enjoy working with them. BUT we are ever conscious that in our fine area of the country there are a lot of small and micro businesses, maybe only established for a few short years; how can they afford the outlay?

What if you could learn information that will really make a difference in bite-size pieces? What if the first hurdle to jump was free?

Somerset Web Services and White Knight Marketing have worked in collaboration to introduce this initiative and are offering taster sessions to those that want to learn more about how to increase their website visibility, how to compete with competitors and take a benchmark of where they are now.

These workshops cover technical information about your website and marketing that will help you to understand how to take that first step.

Search Engine Optimisation can seem very daunting, and it can get complex when you really dive in deep BUT so much can be achieved with a little knowledge – and maybe then, you will be able to afford to dig deeper when you are ready!

The courses will cover SEO, analytics, website maintenance that influences your ranking, social signals, email deliverability and what may be stopping your campaigns from working, tracking and performance software and a lot more!

You can sign up to the starter SEO session now, so why not book yourself on and see for yourself how you can take some control back in building your website.

Visit: https://bytesizeonline.co.uk/

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