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Never underestimate the power of a copywriting tweak!


When was the last time you tweaked a page on your website?

When I manage websites I like to look at the way people are using them so I can be sure that we have the pages working as well as they can. Generally this means running the site through various software checkers, combing through their Google analytics to see what has changed there, looking at the way landing pages have worked and whether the latest blog has pulled in as many readers as I would have expected etc etc etc. But occasionally, I am reminded of just how subtle a copywriting tweak can be to get you to the right audience, when one sentence makes such a powerful difference!

Recently, and as a part of ‘practicing what I preach’ (and I am not always good at this), I revisited our copywriting page in the services section of our website. This was in truth well due an overhaul but I simply didn’t have time so, I tweaked! I tweaked and added a few choice keywords, re-edited the way I presented the section where we talk about website copywriting within our services section and what a difference!

I knew I had failed to tell people how much we do in this area and I knew that businesses have a fear of this and of getting it wrong, so I changed it. I then resubmitted the page to Google and sat back to watch what the tweak had done.

I didn’t wait long, as I had a call the following week – the company had punched in website copywriting Somerset and up we popped top of the organic searches! Great when it works you may say. Lucky hit, you could also think, but no…. I had put that phrase into the text because I wanted to be found on that specific search. CONTENT IS KING!  We had gone up 10 places with that little copywriting tweak – and we got the call and the contract because I made that tweak.

What led me to tweak the site?

Well, one Friday afternoon when I was feeling less than creative and knowing that I should steer away from client work, I ran the checks on our own site, as we do on others, and realised that this was a phrase we weren’t scoring highly on and I knew that would be purely down to the content of the page – so I got to work. The page was tired, it hadn’t been revised for 8 months, it was out of date and I hadn’t included this key phrase anywhere in it!

Not exactly rocket science but a good tip for this month. If you want to compete you have to tweak!

The White Knight
The White Knight

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