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TikTok stories

It seems that TikTok stories are being tested at the moment.

The Chinese app, which was named as the most downloaded app in 2020, has been busy, it seems.

Based on what we have heard:

  • You will be able to tap the camera button to create your first TikTok story when it comes to your area of the world
  • You will be able to add special effects, text and sound
  • You will be able to upload your own videos and photos – so it’s not all live
  • TikTok stories will disappear in 24 Hours

If all this sounds familiar it is because Stories has been so successful on Instagram that the model for success has been pretty much set; TikTok don’t have much reason to innovate further. You will, however, be able to comment on the stories and friends can see each other’s comments and you will be able to see how many people have seen your story.

What’s in it for the platform?

Remember all these social giants only create more experiences for the users so they can sell more advertising … so how will this change help generate more money for the platform?

Well, TikTok already have quite an established advertising offering – from working with influencers to having your own channel. They also have a formal paid advertising platform, so Stories are just adding to the mix for quick hits. Its very much a ‘watch this space’ moment whilst we see how yet another advertising opportunity pans out.

In another move the app, has just announced that it will be introducing a number of product changes to protect teen users aged 13-17, with an aim to make it safer, more private and less addictive, Since Thursday the app will no longer send late night notifications after 9pm for users aged 13-15, those aged 16-17 will have their push notifications disabled after 10pm.

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