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When a Tweet is all it takes

when a tweet is all it takes

Picture this…

….my accountancy software package was playing up and bank feeds wouldn’t update; the problem had been going on for 3 weeks and no one was responding to my tickets from their support team. This is unusual and I was more than a little frustrated. By the end of last week I had enough so I hit Twitter and tweeted:

@’name’ 3 support tickets. No response. What is going on with bank feeds? #Frustrated.

This was Friday, about 7:30pm. By 8pm I had a reply from the CEO of the company, from his private Twitter account, asking for details. After 6 very public tweets we followed each other and took it offline and into direct messages, where you can speak in over 140 characters! The last public tweet was a pledge from him to personally take up the case on Monday; from his perspective this  generated dozens of likes and retweets from others following the discussion. It was now about 9pm and by now he had tagged the Twitter handle of the director in charge of support, so he was alerted as well.

In the meantime, a Taunton based payroll company was following the exchange on Twitter as a follower of both myself and the software package. He then took the opportunity to jump into the conversation offering me free of charge help to sort out the problem I was having on Monday. Now I already knew I could upload my bank feeds using a csv file, which is what he was offering to do, but by jumping in, he showed willingness to sort out a problem I had and demonstrated to the CEO of the software that he was a keen advocate and partner; win, win all round. My problem was duly sorted on Monday by the very helpful Taunton payroll provider in a fraction of the time it would have taken me to remember how to run the process, for which I am very grateful. My software package had the problem corrected by Wednesday, with an email waiting in my inbox Monday morning acknowledging the issue and telling what had gone wrong. #Satisfied


  1. If I were to move my payroll who would I now go to?
  2. If you were me would you move your accounts package now?

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