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Who is your Ghost blogger?

Ghost bloggers

We are Ghost bloggers and it is something we rather enjoy here at White Knight!

You would be surprised if we told you who we write for and because we are ghosts bloggers our style really is adapted to suit the company that we are writing for. AND we don’t tell anyone it is us!

Confidentiality is all important to us in this area. We research and write articles, that are checked for accuracy by our busy clients, which drive traffic to their website, showcase their knowledge and skills and generally build confidence in their business. For some, we also content manage their websites, posting their blogs directly up for them so they can get on with using their time cost-effectively doing what they do best.

And it isn’t just articles we write; we Tweet, Facebook, put status updates and posts on LinkedIn, fire pictures up to Instagram and Pinterest – you name it – we write it!  Leaflets, email copy, letters and adverts; as ghost bloggers we do them all so you don’t have to!

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