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“Yes, of course my website is mobile.”

marketing on mobiles

I wish I had a £ for every time we hear that! Is your website really MOBILE efficient?

Let me start-up by saying, we are only interested in your website from a marketing perspective, and let’s face it, it is one of your most powerful tools – OR – your weakest link depending on what you have done – OR – not done, with it!

There she goes, stating the obvious, many will say but ask yourself this, when was the last time you actually looked at your website on a mobile phone? When was the last time you tried to navigate around it and find a page you created in the early days?

The reason I am putting pen to paper on this is because yesterday I met with a new prospective client; a great company ready to take the next step in growth. We talked about all the usual things, the background, what they were currently doing, what was working and what has changed. I did my usual and pulled up their site on the screen and spotted a few fundamental flaws, which could easily be rectified, and when looking at the layout and style I spotted another potential problem. I asked the client, “how does this look on mobile?”

He looked surprised and said it had recently been converted. I pulled it up on my phone and that is when we identified the first priority on his new “to do list”.  The mobile site was missing pages, links didn’t work and the clickable bits of the site were too close together for the average ham fisted screen taps we all make.

“Have you had a drop in traffic recently?”, I ventured knowing the answer “Yes, in organic traffic!” was the reply I expected. I wasn’t disappointed.

Regular readers of my blogs will know how I have been banging on about the game changing “mobile first ranking’ that Google introduced in July. This meant that no matter how pretty or engaging your desktop website version is, your site would now be ranked and judged by the mobile version, and quite frankly most of us don’t spend much time looking at our own sites on a phone.

This website was a disaster as far as mobile was concerned, Google had already determined that and had penalised it as a result. Their ranking would continue to drop further if nothing was done. We went through the site with a fine tooth comb. As we were seeing it for the first time, it was easy for us to spot the problems, we weren’t making assumptions that things were working, that navigation was good, that the shop experience was easy, or that the instructions made sense; as a third party we could critique and test it with fresh eyes.

Having done that, we checked our findings on Google’s search console, ran it through our industry standard auditing software and gave our recommendations. We then ran a ranking report to establish a baseline and handed the job over to their developer to rectify.

I look forward with confidence, that when the adjustment are made, this site will start to rise up the ranks again. With plans to also implement an Inbound Marketing strategy, which we are creating now, this company will comfortably reach its next growth stage. 

Why are we so confident? Because we are using proven techniques, we have our baseline and we will measure and record every step of the way. These are the sort of companies we love working with at White Knight-ones where we know we can make a difference!

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