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Find out how your website is doing - what is good about it and what needs work and why. Check out your competitors and see what they are ranking for and make your site work hard for you!

If your business is based in Sedgemoor then you may qualify for a FREE website and social media health check. We can drill down into the real data you need to know that will make a difference to your business.

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Sedgemoor District council

This service is fully funded by Sedgemoor District Council as part of their business support initiatives.

None of us can control what our competitors do to their sites to improve them. Most of us can’t afford super fast hosting on bespoke servers, but we can identify key factors that will give us the competitive edge if we have the right information to hand. And that is where this health check will make a difference!

We can look at data you may not even know you have and determine what you should be doing to drive business through your website. We know what will give your website credibility in the eyes of the search engines and how to identify problems.

Yes, there are behind the scenes processes that have to take place, but these should not be daunting. Yes, it will take time. Changes you make today could take weeks to be noticed by the search engines – but they will be noticed.

There are so many ways to increase your visibility and to ensure that you haven’t missed the obvious.  There are also techniques that some are still advocating that damage your prospects and should be avoided at all costs – if we spot any of these we can alert you immediately!

Free Website & Social Media Health Checks

What will the health check cover?

There are many features included and we have tried to highlight the key ones that factor hugely in how your website is viewed by search engines, both Google and Bing, in particular.

  • A review of your website’s indexing and crawlability. (Basically we will tell you how easy it is for the search engines to find you, how many pages are indexed and how many are not!)

  • We will tell you how well your website is built and how that may affect how your site is viewed by search engines. Is the site fully mobile compliant or does it have loading issues?  Are there any issues that are causing concern that need addressing? (This area is very fluid at the moment with criteria changing often as ‘Mobile First Ranking’ is being rolled out to all sites this year).

  • We will tell you if any part of your site is broken. Do you have any broken links? Excessive number of links? Both elements affect your ranking. Is the site redirecting properly from www to non www versions – if not, does it look like there is duplicate copy that the site is being penalised for? Are the http and https site versions set up correctly – is the site secure? Are the pages redirecting correctly? Are there a lot of broken links going to ‘page not found’?

  • We will look at your site’s on-page SEO to identify how many pages are missing major elements that contribute to a fall in ranking and visibility, including keyword stuffing (and other old black hat SEO tactics), meta descriptions, page titles and duplicate copy.

  • Site’s speed. How fast is the website loading? Are people leaving it early? What can you do to speed it up?

  • Navigation. Is the website navigation obvious? Can the users easily find what they are looking for? What are the favourite and least favourite pages?


Key word research…You will receive a Ranking Check – this will include a keyword ranking, visibility report AND a key competitor’s analysis. 

  1. What keywords do you wish to be found for?
  2. What keywords are your competitors found for?
  3. How is your site currently performing in the various search engines?
  4. Is localisation being utilised?
  5. How difficult is it for your site to rank against the chosen keywords?
  6. How many back links are there to your site? What are they and are they broken? This is an important ranking factor.
Social media health check

Social Media Health Check.

Having completed the research, we will already know how much impact the social media efforts are making on the traffic to your website and general interest. From here we would seek to ascertain company goals and identify how social media can play a part in achieving those. As marketing experts we believe social media is a channel that can fulfill many functions but posting for postings sake is unlikely to achieve much and this is where many companies fall at the first hurdle; they ask ‘how many posts we should do a week?’ not, ‘what should we be posting?’ and ‘how do we reach our audience?’ The advice we give will be based around meeting the final goals and will include ‘what’ and ‘how’ so the business begins to see tangible results.

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Are you ready to find out the real truth about your website and social media?

You have nothing to lose and a lot of knowledge to gain!

Remember – your business MUST be based in Sedgemoor! 

NB: Priority will be given to companies in manufacturing, wholesale and retail, health and social care, education, hospitality, logistics and tourism. You must also have less than 50 employees.

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