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It is possible to rank number 1 on local searches thanks to local Search Engine Optimisation

It is now possible to reach new heights in local searches.

If the search engine knows where you are searching from, they will returned searches within that geographical area first. This can be confusing if you search for exactly the same thing in different towns; you can be forgiven for thinking that the businesses around you are performing better than you, simply because the search engine knows where you are at this very moment. This is particular obvious on mobile devices!

This is how we can make local search engine optimisation work for you.

Once we know who you are competing against and what keywords you wish to rank for, we can realistically put in a strategy to help you rise up the listings and become a local contender. We are well known for our SEO services in Taunton, Somerset and have helped many companies in the South West rank up there with the best.

There never has been a better time to take on your competitors organically, especially if they are concentrating on paid search results! Let them waste their money – not yours …

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