Advertising – so many places to choose from now..

The world of advertising has changed beyond belief since I was a green around the gills youngster  and sold advertising. One of the things I remember clearly was reading a very insightful piece by David Olgivy, one of the world’s Gurus in advertising. He said,

“If it needs to be simple, never make it clever. If it will work in black and white, never pay for colour. If it can communicate effectively in ten words, never use eleven.”

Now more than ever, it is easy to spend £1,000’s on advertising and not to get results. You haven’t only got printed advertising to think about, there is a whole world of options, including radio, TV, digital and video – yes, don’t forget YourTube – one of the biggest and fastest growing advertising channels in the world today.

Effective communication is what advertising is all about. Placing your advertisement in the right place, at the right time, with the right product takes careful planning. Newspapers and magazines will often talk to you about readership figures and websites will quote page impressions. The numbers are large and impressive and often audited, but what do they really mean?

These numbers, whilst seeming reassuring mean nothing at the end of the day, they are just numbers. The important thing is how many people viewing your advert are likely to want your product?​ This profiling is the key to success.

There are many forms of advertising that may be right for you. For help on negotiating this minefield and on copy writing please contact us. We can save you money and help you make some wise choices….. and please never, ever, ever buy something just because it is ‘cheap’  – 9 times out of 10 you will be just throwing your hard earned money away – buy it because it is RIGHT for your business!