Competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis

We can compare your ranking against your competitors and tell you how well they are preforming in the search engines for keywords you would like to rank on.

Would you like to know who Google thinks is your organic competition for the keywords you would like to rank on? You could be surprised!

Organic searches tend to favour local companies IF you allow the search engines to know your location. This is excellent news for the smaller businesses based in your location.  However, what if you are in a competitive market and you have a lot of businesses supplying the same products or service; can you still out rank your competition for a place?

The answer is YES!

Once you know where you sit in the market against your competitors, we can put in strategies to improve your visibility and placement on those very important search page returns.

Our Competitor Reports will show you:

  • Where you rank on any keyword compared to your competition

  • See who is stealing your thunder in the search engines

  • See who Google thinks is your main competition for your keywords

  • Suggest keywords that you may not have considered

  • ..And question you may want to answer in your content to get a winning edge

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Competitor Reports

Our Competitor Report will give you the clearest picture on how they are really ranking? Are they buying their response in Google? (Pay per click - Adwords etc.) Learn the full picture.
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