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Digital Marketing

Social media, e-newsletters, e-bursts, twitter, linkedIn, facebook, google+, pinterest, instagram…… it is endless but it can’t be ignored. And let’s not forget Google ads, Google My Business, Google shopping, trip advisor etc etc etc.

If your company isn’t on the right social media platforms you may be losing potential business.

If you are not using the power of the internet to its best advantage you are missing a trick. How many times do you open up a search engine and throw a question in, search for a company or supplier and look up contact details and opening hours? SEO – search engine optimisation IS important and it isn’t as difficult to do as many will lead  you to believe, but it is a fast moving area of marketing and one that evolves rapidly. If you haven’t revisited your website for a while you will likely be dropping down the ranking list and off the first page.

We can help you work your way through the confusion and show you ways you can actively measure return on investment in many of these areas. We can help you drive traffic to your website and get your message out to a whole new audience.