Website audits

None of us can control what our competitors do to their sites to improve them.

Most of us can’t afford super fast hosting on bespoke servers, but we can all look carefully at the content and presentation of our sites, which will have a huge influence on visibility. We can look at linking factors and we can all drive traffic back to the site to give it credibility in the eyes of the search engines – this is where one of our Website Audit report helps.

What would the report include?

There are many features included and we have tried to highlight the key ones that factor hugely in how your website is viewed by search engines, and Google in particular.

It is the report we first run when asked to work with new clients, so we have a full background of where the obstacles will be in handling the digital aspect of their marketing. You will get the same insight that we do.

We are able to dig down further into the reports and analyse them in-depth, correcting problems as we go and monitoring the changes these bring.

  • We will look at your on-page SEO. We will be able to tell you how many pages are missing major elements that contribute to a fall in ranking and visibility.

  • A review of your website’s indexing and crawability. (Basically we will tell you how easy it is for the search engines to find you!)

  • We will tell you how well your website is built and how that may effect how your site is viewed by search engines.

  • We will tell you if any part of your site is broken. Do you have any broken links? Excessive number of links? Both elements affect your ranking.

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How's your website doing - what is good about it and what needs work? Where is your traffic coming from and who is engaging with your website? How is your website preforming on mobile devices, where are you losing visitors?
Ask about an audit for your website