Your website is a crucial element in any marketing campaign.

We so often refer to it as a ‘shop window’ but it is much more than that today. Websites are expected to convey so much more.

When you visit a website today, you quickly judge for yourself if that site represents a company you trust, one that you would be willing to spend your money with, trust your business to, or recommend to a friend. That decision  is made very quickly.

So how can a website do this for you?

There are many elements that make a website user friendly, starting with the look and feel of the site.

  1. Does the navigation make sense to you?
  2. Is the content up to date or are you looking at copy written a few years ago?
  3. Has it been well written?
  4. Is the balance between content and graphics right?
  5. Is there a section that allows you to find out more about the company, such as a blog?
  6. Is the site connected to social media so you can be more interactive if you wish?
  7. Does the site draw you in or make you feel that you can’t get off it quick enough?
  8. Is it mobile friendly or are you having to scroll around to try and get to the content?
  9. Is the site easy to find? How far up was the site with its search engine rankings?
  10. Is the site secure?
  11. …and so on..

If you recognise through reading this, that you need a review of your website please do call us. We are very experienced in this area. You may not need a new one, it may just need an overhaul, or you may need to start from scratch, whichever, we will be honest with you and offer you the most cost-effective way forward. our sophisticated software will enable us to perform a full website audit for you telling you exactly what is working and what needs to be worked on.

And, if the idea of writing your own copy is the thing that scares you, we can help you there as well..