The samples listed below give a flavour of some of our recent work.

They also serve to remind us of how varied it all is!

Much of work is ongoing with clients as we forge good strong relationships over a long period of time. Many of our clients don’t wish to go to the expense of employing their own marketing professionals and so we step in as and when we are needed – the cost effective way. The companies have the expertise they need, leaving them to concentrate of their business.

  • Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard Video

October 24th, 2018|Comments Off on Whiteboard Video

Every now and then we get asked to produce an Explainer Video in a Whiteboard style. These videos are great at getting messages over in a very engaging way - who can resist waiting to find out what comes next?

  • Are we digital marketers

Are you a digital marketing agency?

August 7th, 2018|Comments Off on Are you a digital marketing agency?

YES and NO is my usual response and here is why ... Ask yourself one question – “what isn't digital today?” In truth most marketing today is digitally produced, including the roadside posters that rotate messages in front of you at traffic lights, bus shelter sides as [...]

  • Weblite background

Mobile website first has arrived!

July 5th, 2018|Comments Off on Mobile website first has arrived!

Readers of our blog and social media will know that we have been warning people for the past year that this is about to happen, and yesterday we had plenty of evidence in our inbox from Google notifications that the day had arrived! From now on your WEBSITE RANKING [...]

  • GDPR the real expert

GDPR – the REAL expert

April 9th, 2018|Comments Off on GDPR – the REAL expert

Before you start reading this I want to say loud and clear ‘I AM NO EXPERT ON THE NEW General Data Protection Regulation’! So, having said that, I am now going to point you to a REAL expert on this subject – UK's Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham. In [...]

  • What Are You Waiting For?

Organisers of the Taunton Deane Business Awards

February 6th, 2018|Comments Off on Organisers of the Taunton Deane Business Awards

Why would you enter the Taunton Deane Business Awards? It’s a question we get asked occasionally, and a good one if you have never considered what winning an award may do for your company profile, morale and reputation. We asked one of the winners from last year, why they did [...]

  • Mobile friendly SEO

Business websites need to be ready for Google’s next move

December 12th, 2017|Comments Off on Business websites need to be ready for Google’s next move

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is changing yet again. Just when we think we have it nailed and we have all learned the mantra "content is king" it’s time to rethink it! Content is still hugely important but it’s not the only thing needed now. With the forthcoming advent [...]

  • mobilegeddon

Are you ready for the next Mobilegeddon?

December 11th, 2017|Comments Off on Are you ready for the next Mobilegeddon?

Mobilegeddon 2018 style promises to be another shake up year for your website. Two years ago, a lot of websites weren't even visible on our phones and tablets and Google took the decision to force reluctant businesses to make their sites compliant. The price of resistance was to [...]

  • Gmetrix speed for White Knight Marketing

Website Audits

November 16th, 2017|Comments Off on Website Audits

Have you ever wondered why your website doesn't perform as well as others seem to? We have lost track of how many businesses come to us saying that their website isn't doing what it should do for them - what can they do? They have had a new site [...]

  • Unsecure http

SSL Certificates Update – https vs http

October 31st, 2017|Comments Off on SSL Certificates Update – https vs http

Security warnings will frighten off visitors! As from last month those who have upgraded to Chrome (Version 62) will see signs for 'NOT SECURE' when users enter text in any form on an HTTP page, even contact forms. This is not a new threat, Google have given fair warning [...]

  • Wells Othodontics
  • BlBlackdown Hill Eggs homepage
  • glenmore bakery
  • Riverside Fitness Homepage
  • CT Construction SW

Websites recently gone live

October 27th, 2017|Comments Off on Websites recently gone live

We work with websites developers in many way to help our clients and theirs. These are just a few sites that we have recently worked on. With some we have written the copy, others delved into the SEO on the site [...]

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