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Why Choose Us

Our team at White Knight Marketing have been proving their worth since 2010 – we have learnt what works and tried and tested the processes needed to get you there, for many years. Our team keep up with the latest algorithm changes that the search engines use and work with them to bring you visibility… We are straight talking and can convert jargon into something you can act upon!


It is possible to rank number 1 on local searches …

In 2017, Google changed how they return searches geographically. This is great news for local companies looking for local business, – and this is why we can help you get there… REALISTICALLY!

Keyword Research

Stop chasing the dream and improve your conversion rate.

With a bit of research we can tell you which keywords you have a fighting chance of achieving, which will bring in new custom. We can also tell you where you are currently ranking in comparison to your competition for those keywords.

Know what is really happening with your website

How much do you know about the visitors to your site? Do you know where to find that information?

Knowledge is a powerful thing – the data behind your website can tell you so much about your website visitors and what they want… want to know more?

What is SEO?

If you have found us simply by searching for this term or something similar, that is what SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, can do for you!

Search engine optimisation is the term used for a set of practices webmasters engage in to promote a website.
The whole idea is to make the website more visible to those who are likely to need the product or services you are providing.

As time has gone on there has been a convergence between what traditional webmasters do and how marketing professionals approach this goal and this is because the big search engines, particularly Google, now recognise content as king. They want people who use their searches to get the answers they are looking for and not be duped into sending people to pages that are irrelevant. This means that they have a huge emphasis on the user experience (UX) now. This includes the way sentences are formed, keyword density and a host of other factors.

It also includes site speed and how well the site is coded. Has the site got the appropriate meta descriptions and titles on each page? Are they engaging? Are the pictures too big, are there too many, do you have too few links, and what about links back to your website; do you have many?

Yes, there are behind the scenes processes that have to take place, but these should not be daunting. Yes, it will take time. Changes you make today could take weeks to be noticed by the search engines – but they will be noticed.

There are so many ways to increase your visibility and to ensure that you haven’t missed the obvious. There are also techniques that some are still advocating that will damage your prospects that should be avoided at all costs.

Find out about getting your own SEO report.

Find out how your website is doing – what is good about it and what needs work.

Get the data you need to get your website working well …

If you have any doubts about your website, please contact us today. You don’t know what you don’t know – but we can help you there!

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