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Website Audits

None of us can control what our competitors do to their sites to improve them… but we can find out what we can do to improve your chances against them!

What do website audits include?

There are many features included and we have tried to highlight the key ones that factor hugely in how your website is viewed by search engines, and Google in particular.

We will look at your on-page SEO. We will be able to tell you how many pages are missing major elements that contribute to a fall in ranking and visibility.

A review of your website’s indexing and crawability. (Basically we will tell you how easy it is for the search engines to find you!)

We will tell you how well your website is built and how that may affect how your site is viewed by search engines.

Is the site fully mobile compliant or does it have loading issues? Can you navigate around it easily on a phone?

Site’s speed. How fast is the website loading? Are people leaving it early? What can you do to speed it up?

Navigation. Is the website navigation obvious? Can the users easily find what they are looking for? What are the favourite and least favourite pages?


You will receive a Keyword Ranking Check – this will include a measurement of what keywords you are ranking for and how high you are in search AND a key competitor’s comparison!

How difficult is it for your site to rank against your chosen keywords?

What keywords are your competitors found for?

Is Local SEO being utilised?

Using the very latest benchmarking tools we will be able to produce a full in-depth website audit, which will look at your keyword ranking and visibility, what Google thinks of your website in terms of user experience (latest addition to the giant’s arsenal of criteria for ranking) and whether your other marketing channels are helping or hindering you in converting those visitors…

Are you ready to find out the real truth about your website?

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