About White Knight – what makes us tick?

When I pull up a website I am conscious that I am often only looking to find out if I like the company’s approach, that they sound credible and do what I thought they did – anything else that I can glean is almost a bonus! So, on that note here is a little bonus!

Pam KnightPam Knight, Director of White Knight Marketing

White Knight was named after me, Pam Knight.

When I was thinking about a name to call my company it was one of the first I thought of –  I am a Knight and I have the whitest hair you could possibly imagine so it started off as a pun about me; and then I thought – would it sound pretentious to others? So in true marketing fashion I asked everyone around me what they thought.

No one else had the hang-ups I had or thought about it as anything but a great name, so White Knight Marketing was born and I have tried to live up to it ever since!

Do I have any real marketing experience? Well yes – 30+ years and because I have 15 years’ senior strategic experience with 10 years at Senior consultant level,  I have recently been awarded a Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

I have never chased accreditation before but this one felt worthy as you have to prove your experience with a panel of fellow marketers who have to agree that you are qualified for this recognition (and you are not in the room to sell yourself!), so I am grateful for it.

I now have a great team around me which has been built up over the years; I am still loving the challenge of each and every new project that comes our way and we count ourselves lucky that so many of our clients are people and businesses who we really would choose to work with! It makes coming into work everyday worthwhile.

Pam Knight

PS If you want to read more about my work experience and the reason for the Fellowship please visit my LinkedIn page