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About White Knight Marketing

About White Knight Marketing

Meet Pam and Steph ...

Pam Knight, is the original White Knight, who started the company a little over 12 years ago. As you can see from her colouring she has very white hair and is indeed called Knight, so the branding was a bit of a no brainer!

Steph Brooks (left), joined the company 4 years later when Pam had finally given up the idea that she could do it all herself… Afterall – how could a marketer of over 30 years fail to grow the business? Steph joined to support the now fast growing agency, originally as an administrator but how times have changed since then!

If you can spot a small family resemblance, that is because Steph is Pam’s daughter and jumped into rescue her mother all those years ago. She has now forged her own place in the company, leading on social media, event management and digital engagement and she can turn her hand to most marketing functions now.

Pam and Steph are the main contacts for all clients, but behind the scenes they are supported by a great team of associates… We are accountable to our clients and the buck stops here but having a team of extra brains sure helps at times …

Our Associate Team

White Knight is incredible flexible and we have a team of trusted people we work with to achieve great things for our clients. Without them we couldn’t do what we do, and the relationships have built up over many years, are based on trust and a huge respect for their various talents and big brains…

Suzi Ratcliffe

Administrator and all round support!

Suzi has her own company but regularly supports us here in the office in many differet guises. Not only is she a champion organiser but she is cool of head when we are running huge events that need a wing man.. and no one can tie down a meeting like Suzi!

Natalie Peter-Budge

Graphic Designer

Nat, from H2O Designs, is an incredible designer who we have worked with for many years. Her down to earth practical approach is matched by her artistic genius!

From logos to leaflets, banners and business cards – whatever is needed we can supply thanks to the talents of Nat.

Tim Church

Web Developer

Tim and his team at Somerset Web Services, often pair up with us when they need support for design, copy and SEO work and we drag them in when we have a complicated website to create. We have created a lot of great websites together and you can see some of them by visiting https://weblite.website/ where we have showcased a few…

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