About White Knight – what makes us tick?

When I pull up a website I am conscious that I am often only looking to find out if I like the company’s approach, that they sound credible and do what I thought they did – anything else that I can glean is almost a bonus! So on that note here is a little bonus!

Pam KnightWhite Knight was named after me, Pam Knight.

When I was thinking about a name to call my company it was one of the first I thought of –  I am a Knight and I have the whitest hair you could possibly imagine so it started off as a pun about me; and then I thought – would it sound pretentious to others? So in true marketing fashion I asked everyone around me what they thought.

No one else had the hang-ups I had or thought about it as anything but a great name, so White Knight Marketing was born and I have tried to live up to it ever since!

Do I have any real marketing experience – well yes – 30+ years and as it happens  I am still loving the challenge of each and every new project that comes our way!

If you don’t believe me, read my testimonial page – I promise they are not ALL my best friends!

Pam Knight

PS If you want to read more about my work experience please visit my LinkedIn page