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A repeating theme…

A repeating theme

A repeating theme these last two months ...

Because we work with a lot of different companies to support them in their marketing, we are in a very good place to get an overview of what business is like for companies in and around Taunton/Somerset at present.

A recurring theme has been that January was very slow for many (obviously depending on the sector you work within and unless you are an energy supplier!) and February has been just a little better.

We felt it would be helpful to share this with others as when you think it is just your business that is being affected it can be very worrying; if you feel up against the wall because of rising costs, lack of staff, or even motivation, it can be hard for even seasoned businesses.

The UK economy has faced several challenges in recent years in quick succession including slow growth, high inflation, political instability and war. These factors can create uncertainty for businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises that may not have the resources to weather economic downturns.

We are not economic experts, but we do see how the economy affects our clients and how we have to change tack when this begins in order to support them. And we have done his a lot since the pandemic.

We tend to work with clients for quite a long time, although some projects may be time specific, and one thing we have noted recently is how our clients tend to pigeonhole us for the service we first delivered to them. So those we assist with SEO think that is what we do every day, those whose websites we build, tend to think that is all we do, the same with blogs, newsletters, social media and advertising to name a few!

And we won’t be alone in this – are your clients/customers doing the same to you? We know this is true of some of our clients and we are working with them to expand that perception because it is always easier to sell to existing customers than it is to bring in new… especially in challenging times!

If we can offer a rethink, be a sounding board for new ideas or help you see through the forest, please do contact us. Or use the form below to reach out and we can arrange a time suitable for you.

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