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Marketing Tunnel Vision

Marketing tunnel vision

Why seeing more than one lane can help your brand zoom ahead; marketing tunnel vision is a real thing!

Every now and then I see a trend appearing that needs to be questioned.

Clients come to you and say ‘we need this’, but that is just because everyone else is doing it. This morning I thought how can I best get people thinking about their opportunities and how they can get the best out of those.

Here is what I came up with – a bit tongue-in-cheek but I hope you enjoy it and it gives you food for thought…

Imagine marketing as a motorway.

Now imagine insisting on driving down this multi-lane road stuck in one lane because you’re convinced it’s the fastest route to ‘Sales City’. Sounds silly, right? Yet, that’s exactly how many view marketing: a single-lane rush to ads and sales pitches, blind to the scenic routes and car share options available. Humour me whilst we buckle up as we take a detour into the expansive world of marketing strategies and discover why knowing your audience is the ultimate GPS in this journey.

Exploring the Wide World of Marketing Methods

  • Old-School Advertising

There’s the trusty old people carrier of print, radio, and TV ads—reliable, a bit old-fashioned, but still gets you there, especially if your audience enjoys a nostalgic journey.

  • Digital Marketing

Then, there’s the sporty convertible of digital marketing. With tools like social media, email, SEO, and PPC, it’s flashy, fast, and has a top that goes down to let in all the clicks.

  • Public Relations (PR)

Imagine PR as the town’s popular bicycle—eco-friendly, good for your health, and makes you look really good in the community’s eyes.

  • Event Marketing

Event marketing? That’s your party bus. Invite customers aboard for events and watch the direct engagement—and fun—unfold in real time.

  • Influencer Marketing

Don’t forget the sleek motorcycle of influencer marketing. It zips through traffic, turning heads and catching eyes, especially effective if your audience loves a bit of celebrity sparkle.

The Comedy of Narrow Marketing and Knowing Your Audience

The punchline is simple: marketing without audience insight is like driving at night with your headlights off. You might feel like you’re speeding ahead, but really, you’re just moments from a marketing mishap.

  • Demographic Dive

Knowing who’s riding along (demographics) ensures you aren’t blasting heavy metal to a busload of classical music enthusiasts.

  • Psychographic Insights

Understanding their lifestyle and values (psychographics) means not serving a steakhouse ad during a vegan convention.

  • Behavioural Tendencies

Watching the road signs (behaviours) helps you predict whether your passengers will enjoy a direct route or prefer scenic detours filled with ads.

Choosing the Right Vehicle

When you understand your audience’s travel preferences, picking the right vehicle (marketing channel) becomes a breeze. Targeting tech-savvy millennials? Maybe swap the van for an all electric.

Measuring the Mileage and Tuning Up

Your marketing journey should include a dashboard (analytics) to check your speed (engagement), fuel efficiency (conversion rates), and engine health (ROI). No good road trip ignores the warning lights!

Marketing is not just about putting the pedal to the metal down ‘Advertising Avenue’. It’s a dynamic, multi-lane highway that offers many routes to reach your destination. By expanding our view and adapting to the full road map of strategies and audience understanding, we not only reach our desired destination more effectively but also enjoy the ride. So, let’s turn on our full beams, check our mirrors, and be ready to switch lanes creatively—because in the highway of marketing, the most scenic routes often lead to the greatest destinations.

And sorry for the cheese!

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