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The importance of an invitation

The importance of an invitation

The importance of an invitation

Do you know how your customers are interacting with your website?

We often have potential clients phone us up and ask for help with their social media, SEO or general marketing.

The first thing we do when we receive the enquiry is to visit their website to see if they have Google analytics installed. The reason we do this is because we need the information that this can give us to create a baseline. Most marketing today draws potential customers to a website or landing page.

We need a baseline to know what the improvements to our clients marketing can achieve. We also need to look at the website critically to find out whether the potential client landing on the site, will be inspired to contact the company; is there sufficient invitation on the site to generate action, or is there an obstacle that will act as a barrier?

You may be surprised to hear that the page you think it’s perfect on your website is actually putting possible customers off, or not even actually allowing them to interact with you easily.

At White Knight Marketing we use sophisticated software to track visitors interaction with your website We can see the blocks and also adjust your pages so they have the appropriate calls to action in the right place. And then we can track the journey of that visitor through the website to make sure the last action is a positive one!

We have all been beguiled onto websites and videos that repeatedly go over the same message in multiple ways, they personally drive me to distraction and to walk away but that is because I know I’m being manipulated. Sadly they work – invitations to act bring results.

I’m not suggesting that you go down this route but I am suggesting that you ask people to view your website and ask them how they found it. Ask them to be brutal. Is it easy to navigate? Does it have all the information they need on it to make them feel confident to contact you? Does it have the right personality to actually make them feel a connection? Websites do have personalities as they are part of a brand, which should reflect your company style and ethos.

Looking at your website on different devices will often bring a fresh perspective. If 75% of your visitors are looking at your site on their phone, stop admiring your desktop version and spend more time looking at the mobile site as a start… And guess what? Your analytics will reveal all. Make sure you have it installed and you are looking at it regularly! And. if you want to know more about tracking your visitor’s actions, give us a call or book a meeting with us.

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