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The Language of Success

the language of success

The language of success is the language, style and tone that you use with people that you need to influence; it is their language – the one that they understand and choose to use. It is a style that they will feel comfortable with and that will help build trust and alignment allowing you to forge new relationships.

So how do you achieve this?

The secret to understanding the language of success is to understanding who it is you are really talking to and that means you have to understand your customer well. You need to know what motivates them, why they make their decisions and how you can make that easy for them.

..And you need to understand how that has changed in recent years….

Whether you are talking online or face to face, you need to be able to adapt and speak to your customer in a style that will suite them and the secret to this is understanding that that in today’s busy world you are not talking TO them anymore; you are talking WITH them.

Such is the power of social media that all conversations are just that nowadays, viewed as two-way. We now live in an opt-in society where people choose to engage or shut you out, so the language used today has to be more engaging, more inviting and more natural. We are a bite-size society as these videos demonstrate so well, the secret to success is to share concisely the information that people want, when they want it and to allow them to ask for more.

The language of success today is warm, inviting and balanced in its formality. So often businesses get engrossed in TELLING people that they forget to invite, to ask, and engage. Correctly phrased and presented your words can bring you closer to success without even physically speaking to that potential customer. By using the right language your customer will begin to warm towards you and your relationship will have begun.

Choice is all with the consumer today. ‘SELLING’ today can be translated as ‘SHARING’ today: this is the language that will bring you success.


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